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  • Canine Influenza
    Recent media reports on a Canine Influenza outbreak in the Chicago area have raised a number of questions from our clients regarding this disease and their pets.  Starting in late Read more
  • "Let Food Be Thy Medicine." -- Hippocrates
    Recently, a local news story about the safety of copper in dog food has created some fear amongst pet owners.  As veterinarians and members of the medical community we must Read more
  • Let's Talk Litter Part 2: Inappropriate Elimination
    Feline Inappropriate Elimination is any urination or defecation occurring outside of the litterbox. It is one of the most frustrating problems that cat owners face, but rest assured, it is Read more
  • Let’s Talk Litter!
    ~~It is the rare feline visit to the vet that does not involve some discussion of litter boxes – questions on best types of boxes,  types of litter, how many Read more


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  • "Best Vet on Earth! The staff are so kind and they take wonderful care of me and my animals. Very affordable for the area. My cats love going to the Vet to play and get cheese, they don't even notice the pokes or prods! Thank you again staff at Great Lakes for making vet trips a breeze!"
    Rachaelyn W. - Belmont, MI